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Software Persistent Memory (SoftPM)



Current high-end computing (HEC) applications explicitly manage persistent data, including both application state and application output. This practice not only increases development time and cost, but also requires an application developer to be intimately aware of the underlying platform-dependent storage mechanisms to achieve good application I/O performance. The Software Persistent Memory (SoftPM) project builds a lightweight infrastructure for streamlining data management in next generation HEC applications. SoftPM eliminates the duality of data management in HEC applications by allowing applications to allocate persistent memory in much the same way volatile memory is allocated and easily restore, browse, and interact with past versions of persistent memory state. This simplifies the implementation of three broad capabilities required in HEC applications – recoverability (e.g., checkpoint-restart), record-replay (e.g., data-visualization), and execution branching (e.g., simulation model-space exploration).


  • Software Persistent Memory pdf
    Jorge Guerra, Leonardo Marmol, Daniel Campello, Carlos Crespo, Raju Rangaswami, and Jinpeng Wei
    Proceedings of USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), June, 2012.

Acknowledgement of Support

This work is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant CCF-0937964.

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