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Programming Abstractions for Persistent Memory



Persistent memory systems promise a new era of computing where data 
management is simplified significantly. For the very first time, 
applications will be able to directly access devices that can respond 
with latencies close to DRAM latencies and at the same time, store 
data persistently without the intervention of the operating system 
(OS). Fully realizing the potential of this new technology requires 
that new applications are able to integrate access to these devices 
and exploit their unique capabilities to the fullest with little 
additional effort. Moreover, enabling existing applications to easily 
transition to using this new technology will be critical to the 
success of persistent memory technologies in the marketplace. The 
goals of this proposal are directed towards optimal integration of 
persistent memory devices within existing system software and ease 
of use within existing application programming paradigms.


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Acknowledgement of Support

This work is supported in part by the Intel University Research Office.

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