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NVM-enabled Host-side Caches

The goals of this NVM Caching project are to:

  • develop selective caching algorithms that better utilize non-datapath NVM caches on the host,
  • develop a model for component availability and failure domains leading to a fault-tolerant write caching design for systems,
  • develop co-operative cache partitioning techniques for DRAM and NVM enabled caches, and
  • develop data reduction techniques for host-side NVM caches.



  • Steven Lyons
  • Liana Valdes
  • Giuseppe Vietri
  • Mohammad Obaida
  • Muhammad Chowdhury
  • Wenji Li
  • Qirui Yang
  • Yitao Chen



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Public Software

Acknowledgement of Support

This work is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant CNS-1320426 and by a NetApp Faculty Fellowship.

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